Technology Partners Advancing Careers for 20 Years

Technology Partners is a different kind of staffing company that focuses on giving our consultants the best experience possible. Founded by an IT contractor who felt consultants deserved better, our revolutionary transparent-margin business model gives you the majority of the bill rate and the relief in knowing exactly what we make. Whether you’re looking for a permanent role or a contracting position, we’re the firm that will work hardest and with the most integrity to get you placed.

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Listen to a former IT consultant talk about how Technology Partners changed the staffing industry over the last twenty years, by forcing other firms to treat their consultants better and pay them more.

Brian Rehg
CEO of Blue Stingray

Tim Wangelin
Lead Developer
Technology Partners consultant for 16 years

John Baluka
Senior Software Developer
Technology Partners consultant for 3 years

Donald Powell
Quality Assurance Tester
Technology Partners consultant for 6 years

National Job Opportunities

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Personalized Job Alerts

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Consultant benefits

Technology Partners offers a range of benefits to our consultants

Medical Coverage

Eligible employees are offered a Health Savings Account (HSA) through UnitedHealthcare, which has one of the largest networks of providers in the nation. Technology Partners pays 75% of the employee-only cost of the health insurance premium. With this plan, you have the freedom to see any physician or other health care professional from the UHC network, including specialists, without a referral.

401(k) Plan

Technology Partners offers both a traditional 401(k) plan (pre-tax employee contributions) and a Roth plan (after-tax employee contributions) administered though Retirement Plan Services (RPS).

Referral Bonus

The Technology Partners Referral Program offers bonuses for referring a qualified IT professional who is ultimately hired. For more information, contact your Technology Partners recruiter.

Dental Insurance

Eligible employees may participate in a dental plan provided through Principal Financial Life.

Vision Insurance

Technology Partners offers vision insurance through EyeMed Vision Care.

Fitness Membership

Consultants and their immediate families are offered extremely discounted, contract-free, gym memberships in our effort to promote fitness.

Life Insurance

Technology Partners provides a $50,000 life/AD&D insurance policy to eligible employees at no cost.

Accident & Critical Illness Plan

Accident & Critical Illness Insurance is offered through Aflac with negotiated group rates.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Technology Partners offers a government-approved Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to eligible employees for health and dependent care. The plans allow employees to set aside a specific pretax dollar amount for eligible unreimbursed medical, dental, and dependent care expenses.

Short & Long-Term Disability

We offer both Short-Term and Long-Term disability insurance are offered individually through Principal Financial.

Direct Deposit

We offer direct deposit to all consultants. Our consultants are paid on a bi-weekly basis, for a total of 26 pay periods per year.


Technology Partners offers a subsidized annual training program through Pluralsight for online courses across a range of IT skill sets, including Android, Big Data/BI, ITIL, and Cisco to name a few.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What types of assignments do you offer?

We offer contract, right-to-hire, and permanent placement IT opportunities in a variety of industries ranging from low-level positions to expert-level roles. Search our open jobs and easily apply online.

What kind of pay and benefits will I receive?

To attract the most qualified employees, we offer highly competitive wages and benefits for qualified consultants. Some contract employees even earn more than their permanent counterparts. Find our full list of benefits here.

Who is my employer when I am on assignment for a Technology Partners customer?

Regardless of what customer you are working for, Technology Partners is always your employer. Your dedicated Account Manager is your contact for all work assignments or employment issues.

What is your screening process?

Our recruiters extensively interview each potential candidate and conduct reference checks prior to submitting to any of our clients. We also perform technical testing for all IT positions along with background checks and drug testing prior to starting client assignments.

Do you offer vacation time?

With Technology Partners’ business model, we pay our contractors as much as possible up front in their hourly rate. This also means that we do not offer paid time off, which would require taking more money in our margin. However, you can take off as much time as you wish during an assignment as long as it is approved by your client.

Do you provide training?

Technology Partners has a company-managed, subsidized online training program in partnership with Pluralsight. Their extensive online training library has over 1,300 courses and 4,700 hours of content across a range of IT skill sets with coursework on Android, Big Data/BI, ITIL, and Cisco to name a few.

Will I be guaranteed a job?

Technology Partners cannot guarantee anyone a job. However, we will work with you during your search and between assignments to take you through our screening steps and determine positions that fit your needs.

What if I'm unhappy where I'm placed?

We take great pride in the relationships we build with our employees. If you are unhappy at an assignment, please contact your Account Manager immediately. We will work hard with you and your manager to find a solution for everyone. As a valuable resource, we would much rather work with you to find something that is a better fit than lose you as a consultant!

How can I be sure my current employer will not know that I'm looking for a job?

Technology Partners will not disclose to anyone that you are looking for a job. Your resume will remain with us until you personally authorize its submission for a specific job opportunity.

Will my resume be sent out to potential companies without my knowledge?

No, your resume will never be submitted anywhere without your prior consent. An Account Manager will discuss each job description, rate, work environment, and location with you before submitting your resume.

Can I be considered for a full-time position if I'm currently a contract employee?

Yes. There is no guarantee that an employer will directly hire you from us, but your work as a contract employee will increase your chances of a direct hire, and conversion is a possibility at most clients.

What happens at the end of my assignment?

Your dedicated Technology Partners Recruiter will make an all-out effort to roll you over to your next assignment with us, proactively starting the process several weeks prior to your anticipated end date. We work hardest to keep the consultants we have and know to be valuable resources. Your experience at our client is a major selling point in marketing you for new positions.

  • My experience working with Technology Partners has by far been the best experience working with any other contracting company. They have been upfront with me from day one. They’ve made the process seamless when it comes to being a contractor and being comfortable with all the aspects of being a contractor.

    - John Baluka, Technology Partners consultant for 3 years